Privacy Policy

The principles given below describe how GrandX handles the information you give us to allow us to administer the relationship between us and/or which has become known to us during the management of your account and provision of services to you.

  • We shall process any personal information associated with you that has been sent to us or become available to us (through the Website, the client information form or in any other manner) in the manner defined below. By sending us your information and using the GrandX Website, you confirm your consent to your personal data being used pursuant to the declaration of personal data protection given below.
  • We use your personal data only pursuant to our privacy policy, which is incorporated fully in these Terms of Use. We reserve the right to amend the Terms of Use at any time. However, we reserve the right to request additional information from you and such additional information shall be confidential. We reserve the right to disclose certain details in certain situations to the relevant authorities, state or regulatory agencies in the future if this is prescribed for by law. Pursuant to the provisions of the privacy policy, the purpose of the disclosure of personal data is to investigate money laundering, fraud and other criminal activities as stipulated by law.
  • We may use your personal information and other information for the following purposes: creation and management of your account; making it possible to provide gambling services to you; processing your bets; processing your information requests; handling your complaints; performance of GrandX’s legal obligations; creation of personal profiles; provision of support services to you; informing you of our services or products; informing you of our software and/or service updates.
  • We apply all reasonable measures to guarantee the security and protection of your data. We disclose personal information only to our affiliates and subsidiaries and business partners, our legal successors and suppliers that process the relevant information on our behalf. If you apply for opening an account by us, we may use the assistance of third parties, including credit information agencies that register all the queries made about you, to make credit decisions that concern you, check your age and personal identity, and prevent money laundering. We may also submit queries and disclose data about the use of your account to relevant authorities, security organisations and any other appropriate third parties to prevent fraud and money laundering. GrandX shall not sell your user information to anyone now or in the future.
  • It is possible that calls to and from our client support helpline are recorded for training and security purposes along with the resolution of any queries relating to the service provided to you.
  • GrandX may contact users directly from time to time to obtain additional information relating to the validation of online transactions or payouts of advertising money.
  • We may use cookies to collect information from the web server for the above purposes after a client has used our Website.
  • As the Internet is a global environment, then using the Internet for collection of personal data unavoidably involves transferring data on the international level. Some data processors who participate in personal data processing may be located outside the European Economic Area. Proceeding from the above, you acknowledge and agree that we process your personal information in such a manner when your browse our Website and communicate with us electronically.
  • We have the right to share the information about you that is in our possession and covers personal data and bet history with the regulator, gambling supervision authorities and other authorities, including the police, for investigation suspicions relating to fraud, money laundering or fairness of gambling and performance of our regulative obligations pursuant to the requirements of the regulatory authorities of Estonia.
  • We store the data for a certain period of time after your account is closed (generally not longer than seven years) to guarantee compliance with the legal and regulative requirements applicable to GrandX and the internal risk management procedure established by GrandX. Information is stored pursuant to this declaration of personal data protection.
  • GrandX does not allow persons under the age of 21 to open accounts for gambling with money. If we find out after registration that a client submitted an incorrect data of birth and is actually younger than 21, we immediately close their account and delete their personal information.
  • GrandX reserves the right to amend this declaration of personal data protection at any time. Amendments shall enter into force immediately after their publication.
  • Your acceptance of these Terms of Use means that you agree to GrandX and its affiliates storing the client’s personal data, including but not limited to the client’s name, personal identification code and/or date of birth, data of their place of residence and means of payment. You agree that GrandX relies on this data when providing services to the client and you confirm that you do not hold GrandX responsible for the correctness of the data or the false data entered by them. By opening a GrandX account and thereby submitting personal data to GrandX, you grant your consent to GrandX using this data in association with the provision of services. GrandX protects the security of your personal data in accordance with the requirements of the legislation applicable to data protection.

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