Terms of use




Osaühing Alpache (hereinafter referred to as ALPACHE) founded pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Estonia, registry code 14759059, official address Marta 3, 11312 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia, organizes remote gambling under the GrandX trademark via the Webpage grandx.com.

In its operation, ALPACHE adheres to the law of the Republic of Estonia and holds all the licences and co-ordinations necessary for its actions. The Tax and Customs Board of the Republic of Estonia has issued the activity licence No. HKT000048 for organizing games of chance, and the operating permit No. HKL000334 for organizing games of chance as remote gambling.


The given Conditions of Use regulate the agreement between you and us in the use of GrandX, either playing in the environment of real money or fake money.


The words and terms used in the given Contract have the following meaning, if the content explicitly does not state the opposite.

GrandX – the webpage of the gaming system used on the Internet, which is connected to services and gaming activities such as indicated and listed on the Webpage: www.grandx.com.

Website – www.grandx.com and all sites, which can be accessed via respective links or by any other means.

Us/we/our – www.grandx.com;

Player Account – one personal account per one player, which has been opened by one individual and which we manage so that the person could play games on GrandX;

Software – our Software, including a respective program, a data file, or other content, which you downloaded via the Webpage to guarantee access to using GrandX;

You – the user of the GrandX Software downloaded from the Webpage.

Username and Password – the Username and Password chosen by you at the registration to GrandX.

Terms and Conditions – our privacy policy, i.e. data protection conditions.


3.1 You may use GrandX and/or the Webpage, if your age meets the Estonian law.

3.2 Emanating from the Gambling Act, ALPACHE is obliged to identify the identity of the persons using the gaming account. At the first visit, it is done on the basis of the LDAP service provided by Sertifitseerimiskeskus AS and on the basis of customer information received by making a deposit. If the aforementioned is not possible, the customer is requested to identify himself/herself by sending a copy of a document. A gaming account shall not be activated, if it is not possible to identify the person or if the customer is younger than 21. The customer chooses his or her username and password at the first visit, which are used to identify the person during every following visit. You may not use GrandX and/or the Webpage by any means if your age is less than 21.

3.3 We do not offer GrandX and/or Webpage to be used in a jurisdiction where it is illegal. Some legal jurisdictions have not addressed the lawfulness of remote gambling, and the others deem remote gambling to be completely illegal. The availability of GrandX and/or the Webpage does not mean thon GrandX can be used in a country where such use is illegal. Using GrandX is forbidden everywhere, where it is prohibited on the basis of a respective law. You have the sole responsibility to ascertain if using GrandX is permitted by law in your state of residence.


4.1 ALPACHE is the owner of the intellectual property of the webpage of GrandX and its content, or an authorised user or a titular holder of the licence, whereas the referred right comprises all copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, logos, registered designs, source codes, specifications, templates, graphics, or any other rights registered in Estonia, Austria, or elsewhere in connection with the content, programs, formats, interfaces, databases, the provision of services to other customers, software, or other aforementioned application and all their amendments, improvements, and developments. If not provided otherwise in the Conditions of Use, using GrandX does not grant you any rights, neither direct nor indirect, in connection with intellectual property or with the secret information kept in the servers of GrandX.

4.2 Upon your acceptance of the Contract, it grants you an exclusive and non-transferable right to use the software of GrandX pursuant to the following terms and conditions:

4.3 You are not permitted to:

4.3.1 install or load the Software into a server of another network device or use other measures to make the software available by other means, using an online service, a remote connection, a “noticeboard”, or forward it to someone else;

4.3.2 forward, lend out, lease, transfer, copy, develop, or change the Software (except if stated explicitly otherwise in the given Conditions of Use), allow the Software to be used by persons who do not have the respective right, make and/or distribute copies of the Software;

4.3.3 copy or translate the documents of GrandX either online or in an electronic format;

4.3.4 disassemble, adapt, reverse engineer, reproduce, decompile, translate, try to find the source code of the Software or to create derivative works based on the Software or any part of it;

4.3.5 enter, access, or try to bypass our security system in any other way or interfere with the operation of GrandX or the Webpage (including but not limited to robots and similar devices) in any other way or try to make modifications in the Software and/or any functions or parts.

4.4 GrandX provides a service for you to use as is without any direct or indirect warranties, obligations, or conditions in a presumable, obligatory, or any other way. GrandX does not guarantee that the Software meets your requirements.

4.5 GrandX does not guarantee the operation of the Software without any faults or interruptions and does not guarantee fixing any faults whatsoever or eliminating viruses. GrandX does not bear the obligation to cover any expenses, losses, costs, or requirements by you or a third party which are caused by the faults in the functioning of the Software, incl. but not only in the information exchange and the processing of accounts. GrandX reserves the right to eliminate everything pertinent, including games from the Software, and take measures to fix the faults.

4.6 If you load and use the Software, it is solely on your responsibility and we are not responsible for you by any means for any direct, resulting, accidental, or any other specific damage or loss (including direct or indirect loss of profit, economic loss, discontinuation of business operations, loss of information or for direct, indirect, deductible or particular damages arisen by any way, including but not only limited to the termination of the Contract, the decrease of the company value or reputation loss in connection with the use of the GrandX service, or the lack of the possibility to use it, also in case when GrandX has been informed about the possibility of the emergence of such costs).

4.7 You have no right to use or disclose the confidential information included in the Software which you become aware of by using the Webpage in any other way than only in a strict compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the given Contract.

4.8 ALPACHE offers casino games, but the software of casino games comes from the producer of AMATIC gaming software. The precise game instructions per every game are available in the instructions of the game, which opens under the button „i“, „Info“, „?“, „Paytable“, or is marked in any other respective way.


5.1 GrandX employs contemporary and efficient protective measures for the encryption of the Username and the Password and of other sensitive information, which are transmitted from and to the customer’s application and from and to our servers, thus protecting both the Player as well as us against the manipulation by a third party.

5.2 The Player cannot break into the system, attempt to break in or bypass our security system in any other way. If we suspect that you have attempted to break in or bypass our security system or Software in any other way, we have the right to immediately terminate your access to the Webpage and/or block your account. We reserve the right to notify respective authorities about it.

5.3 We allow access to use GrandX via secure networks, using the encryption of the Username and the Software. You must follow through a secure customer log-in for gaming on the Webpage.

5.4 You cannot use GrandX for any commercial purpose or in the name of another person. You may only use the Webpage for your personal use.

5.5 You shall keep your Username and Password confidential and you shall not disclose this information to anyone. You shall not use the password of any other person. You are responsible for all the transactions concluded with your Player Account and Password. We expect only you to use your correct Username and Password; and the transactions entered by your correct Username and Password are deemed as valid.

5.6 You shall not allow any third person to use your Player Account on the Webpage and you shall not use the Player Account or means of payment of any other person to use GrandX, the Webpage, or the Software. Every Player may gamble only personally. It is strictly forbidden to pass the Username and the Password on to another person. ALPACHE has the right to close the gaming account at any time in case of a suspicion that the owner of the account does not personally use his or her gaming account.

5.7 It is your responsibility to understand the regulations and translations of the games of GrandX before you start playing the games offered on the Webpage.


The given data protection conditions (“the Conditions”) have been drafted pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR No. 2016/679). The purpose of the Conditions is to give you an overview of data protection about the rules of using personal data and data protection by ALPACHE.

6.1. Personal Data and Processing

6.1.1. Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, despite the format of the data. For example, the personal data of a person includes their name, address, contact details, etc. Moreover, persona data comprise more sensitive data in essence, i.e. specific personal data, inter alia information regarding the health of a person. However, personal identification codes are ordinary personal data, and no more restrictions are imposed on their use as compared to the use of the person’s name or date f birth, for instance.

6.1.2. Statistical data are not presumed to be personal data if there is no possibility to uniquely identify the natural person whom the data pertain to.

6.1.3. The processing of personal data are any act performed on personal data. As a provider of casino services, we process personal data in the existence of a valid customer relation, including full name, date of birth or personal identification code, place of residence, e-mail address, mobile phone number, and details of means of payment. If you have registered as a user of our Webpage, we emanate from the right of the provider of casino services to access data emanating from the law, including to execute the Contract and to fulfil the obligations emanating from the law. Inter alia, in the collection and use of the data we base on the principle of minimalism in the processing of personal data, according to which we only keep what is necessary to reach the purpose of data use.

6.1.4. We collect and process your personal data for the following purposes

  • to execute the Contract (GDPR art 6 (1) (b)) to provide you services according to the Contract concluded between you and us, incl. the personal data transmitted during the user registration of the Webpage;
  • to fulfil the obligations emanating from the legislation (GDPR), including to ensure the labour legislation rights of the employees.

6.1.5. The Contract is deemed as concluded to provide a service upon registering as a user on the Webpage.

6.1.6. In the conclusion of the Contract, we may use the aid of third parties, including credit reference establishments, which register all the inquiries made about you to make credit decisions about you, to verify your age and identity, and to prevent money laundering. Moreover, we can make inquiries and disclose data about your account use to respective institutions, security organisations, and other pertinent third parties to prevent fraud and money laundering.

6.1.7. We may contact you directly to receive additional information in connection with the validation of an online transaction or the payout of money of advertisements.

6.1.8. We may use cookies on the Webpage to collect information from the web server for the purposes stated in the given privacy policy.

6.1.9. We process your personal data, if:

  • you register as a user /service recipient of our homepage on our homepage www.grandx.com;
  • we process data about your bet;
  • we create personal profiles;
  • provide support service to you;
  • inform you about our services or products;
  • inform you about the updates of our Software and/or services;
  • you send us an information request, a complaint, or a proposal (to the e-mail address andmekaitse@grandx.com)—we use your personal data to ascertain the circumstances stated in the complaint or the proposal and to answer your letter. If you have sent us a letter which can be answered by another institution, we forward the letter to that institution and notify you about it;
  • fulfil the obligations emanating from the law.

6.2 Retention of Collected Personal Data

6.2.1. We have the right to store your personal data until the expiration date emanating from the Contract or the law has passed, unless otherwise provided for in the law.

6.2.2. In most cases, we store personal data during the following periods:

  • We do not store personal data for longer than necessary emanating from the purpose of the processing of personal data or of the law in force;
  • On the basis of legislations regulating the operations of casinos for 5 years in general, additional 5 years on the basis of a precept by a respective body conducting proceedings, i.e. up to 10 years in total.

6.2.3. We are obliged to store such personal data during the abovementioned period emanating from legislations regulating casino service provision and regulations pertaining to contract law, labour law, and accounting.

6.2.4. We shall delete your personal data after the expiry of the abovementioned periods.

6.2.5. We store your personal data only in such servers or databases which are located outside the European Economic Area. Some of the data controllers participating in the processing of personal data may be located outside the European Economic Area, and we may use the aid of such data controllers for us to be able to provide services. However, we guarantee that the technical and organisational measures of the said data controllers protect your rights sufficiently, and that a data processing agreement has been concluded with them. By reading the conditions, you consent to the transmission of such data processing either partially or fully. When you withdraw your consent, you can no longer use the GrandX platform unfortunately.

6.3. Correspondence and Disclosure of Documents

6.3.1. You shall store the documents containing personal data in your personal user account.

6.3.2. All the letters on paper sent to us shall be registered in the document management system of ALPACHE.

6.3.3. Telephone calls to and from our customer support might be recorded for purposes in connection with training and security, in connection with the solution of any inquiries about services provided to you.

6.3.4. Correspondence with private persons has a general access restriction, because letters include personal data. Consequently, if a person needs to access the correspondence with a private person or a document, he or she shall file an information request. Upon the receipt of the information request, ALPACHE shall review if the requested documents may be disclosed or if they may be disclosed partially. Upon partial disclosure, we shall hide your specific personal data which the applicant has no right to process to prevent disclosing unnecessary data.

6.3.5. Despite the access restriction, we disclose documents pertaining to you to the extent prescribed by the law to third parties who have the right to request such documents emanating from the law (for example the police, gambling supervisory agencies, etc.). Prior to the disclosure of documents, the presence of legal base shall be ascertained, the person who made the inquiry shall be identified, and the disclosure of documents or providing access to them shall be documented.

6.3.6. Correspondence with private persons shall be stored for 5 years in general, after which the documents shall be destroyed. After the closing of your account, we shall store the information during a certain period of time (generally, no more than 7 years).

6.4 Rights in Connection with Collected Personal Data

6.4.1. We refuse to fulfil your request to access the documents, if it may:

  • damage rights and freedoms of other person;
  • hinder the prevention of a criminal offence or apprehension of a criminal offender;
  • complicate the ascertainment of the truth in a criminal proceeding;
  • is in contradiction with the legislation.

6.4.2. You have the following rights in connection with the processing of personal data:

  • Right of information—you have the right to receive information established in the given Conditions. The effective version of the given Conditions is available at all times on the Webpage www.grandx.com.
  • Right to access data—you have the right to request us to provide you with a copy of the personal data we process (the data submitted by the person).
  • Right to correct personal data—you have the right to request the correction of your inaccurate personal data, if your personal data is incorrect or insufficient.
  • Right to erase personal data—if we no longer have a legal base to use your personal data, we shall delete your personal data. You have the right to request the erasure of personal data, if it is reasoned, technically possible, in accordance with the law, and does not cause unreasonable expenses to the enterprise.
  • Right to access data—you have the right to request us to provide you with a copy of the personal data we process (the data submitted by the person). You have the right to access the personal data we have collected about you. To receive access, kindly file a signed application to us and send it via registered mail (Marta 3, 11312 Tallinn) or via e-mail andmekaitse@grandx.com.
  • Right to restrict the processing of data—you have the right to request the enterprise to restrict the processing of personal data, if the personal data is inaccurate or insufficient, or if the processing of personal data is unlawful.
  • Right to object—you have the right to file an objection against the processing of personal data, if you find that we have no legal base to process the personal data.
  • Right to lodge a complaint—you have the right to lodge a complaint according to the instructions outlined in Point “Filing Inquiries, Applications, and Complaints” of the Conditions.
  • Right to transmit personal data to another service provider—we do not transmit your personal data to other service providers upon your inquiry. We only do it when it is not unreasonably expensive or burdensome for us, technically impossible, and if such a transmission is not prohibited by legislations.

6.4.3. We do our best to reply to your applications under Point “Filing Inquiries, Applications, and Complaints” within one month pursuant to GDPR art 12 (3). In case it is not possible due to the number and complexity of applications filed to ALPACHE, we have the right to reply within two months the latest pursuant to GDPR art 12 (3).

6.5. Transmission of Personal Data

6.5.1. When processing personal data, we may share elements of your personal data to the following third parties:

  • public authorities, whom ALPACHE is obliged to disclose personal data pursuant to pertinent legislations;
  • our contractual partners, who take sufficient technical and organisational measures for personal data protection, if: (i) it is necessary for the uninterrupted use of the GrandX platform, and (ii) we have informed the data subject about it. By reading the given Conditions, you confirm your consent to the transmission of personal data described in this sub-item. When you withdraw your consent, you can no longer use the GrandX platform unfortunately.


6.6. Security measures in the Transmission of Personal Data to Third Parties

6.6.1. We take the following security measures when sharing personal data to third parties:

  • we conclude a data processing agreement of personal data with such a third party;
  • we make sure that such a third party undertakes the obligation to take respective technical and organisational measures to guarantee the protection of personal data according to the given Conditions and pertinent legislations;
  • we make sure that personal data shall not be transmitted to countries which the European Commission has not yet acknowledged as states with a sufficient level of data protection;
  • we do not have to take the said security measures in case ALPACHE shares personal data with public authorities, whom ALPACHE is obliged to disclose personal data pursuant to pertinent legislations.

6.7. Filing Inquiries, Applications, and Complaints

6.7.1. If you find that we have violated your rights in the processing of personal data or you have any inquiries, applications, or complaints in connection with the processing of personal data, you may send the latter to the e-mail address andmekaitse@grandx.com and via registered mail (Marta 3, 11312 Tallinn).

6.7.2. It is also possible to file complaints in connection with the processing of personal data to the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate at the following e-mail address: info@aki.ee (Tatari 39, Tallinn 10134).

6.8. Data Protection Specialist.

6.8.1. You can contact ALPACHE’s data protection specialist via e-mail: andmekaitse@grandx.com, or via registered mail: Marta 3, 11312, Tallinn.

6.9. Amendment of Conditions

6.9.1. We may amend the given Conditions from time to time. We shall inform you via our Webpage if we renew the Conditions. Provided that the new Conditions refer to the processing of personal data for such a new purpose which needs your consent, we shall not process your personal data for such a new purpose before we have received a consent for such a processing of personal data. When you withdraw a consent already given, you can no longer use our gaming platforms unfortunately.

ALPACHE takes all precautions to protect your personal data and to adhere to the legislation regulating data protection and privacy.


7.1 When opening a Player Account on GrandX, the customer shall consent to the given Conditions of Use and to adhere to the latter. It is the customer’s obligation to be aware of the Conditions of Use and to adhere to the latter at all times. By opening a Player Account and therefore agreeing to the Conditions of Use, a Contract is deemed as concluded between the customer and ALPACHE for the customer to use the services, incl. bonuses, provided by ALPACHE via the Webpage in accordance with the Conditions of Use and the general bonus requirements.

7.2 GrandX does not file for or guarantee access to GrandX or to its use in your state of residence either in a lawful or any other way. It is only for you to decide whether such access and use of the Webpage is lawful. We admit that our purpose is to operate on the basis of the law. It is your obligation to guarantee the compliance of your actions to all the laws in force in the jurisdiction where you use the service of GrandX. If you live in a state where gambling is prohibited, you cannot register on GrandX and not even test using the service of GrandX.

7.3 If a customer discovers a fault in the game system of ALPACHE, he or she undertakes to forward the information about the fault in question to the customer support of the internet casino immediately. ALPACHE management shall consider the possibility to compensate the material damage only if the customer has fulfilled the given obligation immediately.

7.4 You are prohibited from using any methods or means at a game of chance which are in a contradiction to the good practice and customs of gambling (including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, or other means which enable to determine, change, save, or analyse the result of the game, the amount of winnings to be paid, the possibilities of winning, or the applied strategy of the game system, etc. depending on the game or a part of it), or which reduce the possibilities of winning for co-players.

7.5 You may not transfer your rights prescribed in the Contract in any case whatsoever without a prior written consent by ALPACHE.

7.6 You are completely responsible for all the taxes, fees, and charges applied to you, which may occur with the use of GrandX or sums won.

7.7 You undertake to notify us about changes in the data provided at registration.

7.8 Payments

7.8.1 You give your consent that we or a payment processing company handles all the financial transactions of the accounts on our behalf (“Payment Processor”). You give your consent that the Payment Processor reserves the right to withhold any payments, if the Payment Processor has a reason to believe or suspects that you may be or have been involved in fraud, set-up, illegal or dishonest activity.

7.8.2 You give your consent that you shall pay all amounts in connection with the use of GrandX due to us or to any third party in full and by the due date. Furthermore, you consent that you do not order a refund of the payment and/or disclaim, annul or leave any payable amount unpaid; and that in each such case you shall repay the funds and pay for the due amounts, including the amounts accrued by us in the process of collecting payment from you.

7.9 You give your consent that your account is personal and that only its owner has the right to enter the account. GrandX shall not accept any responsibility, if the account has been abused by a third party. You shall keep your Password, Username, and other security elements used for logging in secret and avoid other people accessing this information. The total sum of bets made by correct security elements shall be debited from your account. Should you suspect that a third person has accessed your Username, Password, or other security elements, you shall inform GrandX about it immediately.

7.10 You give your consent that you are solely responsible for all the administration of the products of computer devices, telecommunications networks, and internet access, which you need to use and manage GrandX. We are under no circumstances responsible for the damages caused by the provider of internet or other telecommunications service, which are connected to the access to the Webpage.

7.11 You give your consent that our random number generator decides the results of the games played on GrandX and that you agree with all the results of such games. Moreover, you give your consent that in case a rare discrepancy occurs between the Software and the gaming server, the result on the gaming server prevails, and you confirm and agree that our data have the final say, establishing your participation with regard to the conditions and situations of the gambling activities of GrandX.

7.12 You shall not perform any activities or behave in any way which damages our reputation or the reputation of our Software Provider or any other provider of communications service.

7.13 You give your consent that if your Player Account is open, you shall pay full compensation and shall not deem us to be responsible for any losses, expenses, claims, liability, or damages that might be in connection with (a) you entering, using, or reusing the Webpage; (b) the violation of any terms and provisions of the given Contract. Furthermore, you give your consent for full compensation in the future and that you shall continue to protect us and our employees, management, subcontractors, cooperation partners and suppliers and that you do not regard the aforementioned persons responsible for each and every requirement, liability, loss, expenses, and costs, including legal taxes, emanating from you violating the given Contract and from any other liabilities in connection with the use of GrandX or the Software.

7.14 You give your consent that ALPACHE reserves the right to process additional activities to ascertain the identity of the customer upon making a deposit to the gaming account. ALPACHE processes additional activities, if the cumulative amount of deposits and payouts is 2000 euros or more, but ALPACHE reserves the right to process such check-up activities in case of smaller amounts, too. All the transactions shall be checked to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

7.15 We reserve the right to amend the given Contract from time to time as outlined in Point 9 below. You are obliged to check information on amendments in Point 11 below from time to time.


8.1 You guarantee and confirm that you act on your behalf. You are responsible for the accuracy and validity of the personal data and contact details submitted to GrandX (name, personal identification code/date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.). The holders of an identity document of the Republic of Estonia shall submit their personal identification code in the personal data submitted to GrandX;

8.2 You guarantee and confirm that you do not have restricted active legal capacity;

8.3 All the data you submit or have submitted at the registration to GrandX are accurate, and you continue to renew the details in case of any data changes.

8.4 You are fully aware that using the Software when playing on GrandX is connected with the risk of losing money;

8.5 You do not deposit amounts which are connected with criminal and/or illicit activities;

8.6 You do not undertake activities or perform actions which might have a criminal meaning and/or do not intend to use the Player Account in connection with such activities and actions. You do not use, intend to use or allow to use or intent to allow any other person to use GrandX and the Player Account for an illicit or unlawful purpose, including but not limited to fraud or money laundering emanating from the pertinent law in your jurisdiction and the laws applied to us;

8.7 You do not engage or try to engage in a set-up or do not intend to participate, either directly or indirectly, in any set-up scheme with another Player at playing any games of.

8.8 You are not under 21 years of age.

8.9 The data of the debit and credit card you submitted are the data of the owner of the registered account at the registration and there is no information on the card being missing or stolen;

8.10 You are not an employee of ALPACHE or its subsidiary, software development partner, including the platform and games developer. In case you have violated this restriction, you shall lose any amounts won in addition to the measures applied against you.

8.11 You have not owned a previous Player Account which was deactivated or declared invalid either by us or by any other gambling organizer, you have not had monetary arrears via the Player Account, and you do not already have a Player Account upon the registration.

8.12 Upon opening a Player Account, you do not submit or provide untrue, false, wrong, or misleading information.

8.13. By using our Webpage, you give your consent that ALPACHE may install certain information to your computer or your mobile device known as cookies, i.e. small text files which enable to remember customer preferences.


9.1 We reserve the right to make amendments to the given Conditions of Use or rules of game. We shall notify you about important changes or amendments limiting the interests of the Player before their enforcement.

9.2 The enforcements shall enter into force as of their disclosure on the Webpage. Therefore, it is important for you to log into the Webpage periodically to check upon possible amendments. You are solely responsible for being informed about the valid Conditions of Use, the rules of game, and possible amendments to them. You can keep up with the amendments on the basis of the date of disclosure.

9.3 If you continue using the Webpage or GrandX after the innovations we have done, you agree to conform to these amendments despite the fact whether you received an actual notification or read the amendments. If you do not agree with the amendments, do not continue using the Webpage or GrandX.


10.1 We reserve the sole right:

10.1.1 to refuse the registration of applicants on the Webpage or on GrandX;

10.1.2 to refuse the acceptance of any bet on GrandX;

10.1.3 to change, stop, remove, fix, or add any game to GrandX.

10.2 We reserve the right to make inquiries about you, including a credit backup check by a third party—credit and financing institutions—using the information provided by you.

10.3 Should a disagreement arise about a bet or an amount won, our decision shall be final and binding.

10.4 We reserve the right not to pay any sum or won amount, with reason, until we have completely ascertained the identity of the person who won and convinced that the amount won shall be paid to the right person. For such a purpose and upon our sole discretion, we reserve the right to request you to provide a notarized identity document or an equal certified identity document emanating from the pertinent law in your jurisdiction.

10.5 We can disclose some of your personal data at any time to third parties, emanating from the Data Protection Conditions (Point 6), which are fully outlined in the given Conditions of Use.

10.6 If you violate any provision of the given Contract or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you have violated them, we reserve the right not to open the Player Account, or to close it either temporarily or finally, or to withhold the money in the account (incl. deposit) and to use it to compensate for the damages caused by you. If we suspect that you use a deactivated card, we reserve the right not to pay you any funds from your account which exceeds the initial deposit.

10.7 If we suspect that you participate in an unlawful activity or a fraud via the Webpage or violate the Contract, or you have problems with creditors or you damage our operation in any other way, we may block or temporarily close your Player Account or void all the bets at any time without a prior notification.

10.8 Passive accounts

10.8.1 A passive account is a Player Account with actual monetary balance, which has not been logged into within 12 consecutive months by using the Username and the Password. GrandX reserves the right to collect an administrative fee of 5 euros per month for an inactive account. We make reasonable efforts to contact the owner of the passive account to inform the said person about the application of the account fee to the account of the Player 30 days in advance. Should the Player reactivate his or her account in less than six months, the fees taken from the inactive account shall be paid back. No further administrative fee shall be calculated if the account balance of the customers reaches zero.

10.8.2 We reserve the right to withhold and eliminate all the bonuses given to the customer which have not been used within six months as of the day the bonuses were given.

10.8.3 The Player Account of the Customer shall be closed automatically, if the Player has not logged into it for 5 years.

10.8.4 All obligations shall be fulfilled upon closing the Player Account.

10.9 To reclaim funds from passive, closed, or blocked accounts, the Customer shall contact the customer support and file a respective application.

10.10 We reserve the right to offer and advertise campaigns, bonuses, and other special offers from time to time. Every such offer is limited with specific rules and conditions valid at the time period. In case of abuse or violation of the said rules or conditions, we reserve the right not to pay out any amount from your account that exceeds the initial sum. Moreover, we reserve the right not to pay out or to reclaim any payout or a winning amount and to change the rules and conditions, if we think that you abuse or try to abuse any of the following: (i) bonuses; (ii) other campaigns, or (iii) specific rules or conditions aimed at introducing an existing or a new game.

10.11 We reserve the right to transfer or waive the given Contract to any person either partially or in full, and you shall agree to such a disposition.

10.12 ALPACHE reserves the right to amend the given Conditions at any time by notifying or not notifying about it. Inter alia, the Conditions can be changed to prevent fraud, to make the Conditions of Use clearer, or to coordinate them with the requirements emanating from the law. Should such a change restrict the current rights of the customer or damage their interests in any other way, ALPACHE shall inform the customer about the enforcement of such a change in advance.

10.13 If the customer does not agree with the changed conditions, he or she has to stop using the Webpage.

10.14 We reserve the right to request additional details after the activation of the Player Account on the purpose of preventing the misuse of the account, a credit card, a bank card, or an e-wallet account, etc.

10.15 We reserve the right to close the gaming account at any time in case of a suspicion that the account owner does not use the account personally.


11.1 You consent that you receive information from us electronically, which we can post on the Webpage and/or send to your e-mail address. We reserve the right to exchange information on paper. All the information exchange in an electronic format and on paper is deemed as “written”. A notice is deemed as received when at least five work days have passed since posting the details.

11.2 All notices shall be submitted in writing at the following address: Marta 3, 11312 Tallinn, Estonia, or support@grandx.com.


12.1 The games offered by GrandX.com can be played for fun without real money or for real money. The Player can make a choice on the game icon by choosing the button “For money” or “Play for free”.

12.2 When choosing the “Play for money” function, the game starts by placing a bet and ends by directing the winning to credit or losing the placed bet.

12.3 A detailed description of each game opens in *.pdf format in the window of the respective game icon.

12.4 The description of every game includes information on the conditions and procedure of the participation in the given game and the percentage share of the probability of a winning.

12.5 The cost of a game point is stated in the game rules and also opens under the Help button on the game screen.

12.6 The probability of a winning is outlined in the game description and in the table of winnings opening under the Help button on the game screen.

12.7 The winnings shall be paid to persons of at least 21 years of age.

12.8 The winnings shall be paid to the gaming account of the internet casino, from which the Player can make a payout according to the payment methods in the payout selections. A payout shall be paid only by the method the Player has used for making the deposit. A payout shall be made no later than within 5 work days.

12.9 Only the winnings in accordance with the ALPACHE gaming rules, the game instructions on the gaming software or its screen, the winning combinations and their payout tables are subject to be paid out. The maximum payout to the same Player Account is 5000 euros per day, ALPACHE reserves the right to establish a requirement on a minimum sum to deposits and payouts.

12.10 Information which appears on the screen as the result of a functional breakdown of the gaming software, an electronic or a mechanic failure, or the manipulation of the gaming software is not a winning of the game and not subject to be paid out. A failure voids all payouts and the current state of the game. In case of more complex failure or a suspicion of manipulating the gaming software, the payout of a winning shall be made by the technical personnel of the manufacturer of the game after the exclusion of the aforementioned circumstances.

12.11 In case the Player disconnects in the middle of the game during the mode of playing for real money, the Player can view their last state of the game after logging in again in the window “Game History” opening under the Help function which opens on the screen of the game in question.

12.12 All the information on the deposits made by the Player, the payouts, and the bonuses with the date, time, and sum of the transaction and the details of the parties to the transaction can be opened under the “Account” button in the menu selection.

12.13 The amounts deposited to the Player Account shall be played for at least one (1) time before it is possible to withdraw the money.

12.14 The customer cannot treat ALPACHE as a financial establishment. On this reason and also emanating from the Gambling Act, a payout shall not be made to any other bank account but the one which was used to deposit money to participate in a game.

12.15 ALPACHE reserves the right to apply different service fees to deposits and payouts per payment methods.

12.16 ALPACHE reserves the right to apply service fee, in case a customer requests a payout from the gaming account without having a bet turnover which would be equal or bigger than the deposited amount.


13.1 In case of a complaint, a Player can contact the customer support through the instant chat on the GrandX page.

13.2 Written complaints shall be sent via e-mail to the following address: support@grandx.com.

13.3 The term to submit complaints is two weeks.

13.4 The received complaints shall be solved at first possibility but no later than within two weeks.


14.1. On the basis of a notice enabling written reproduction sent to the gambling organiser and a notice forwarded according to the procedure established by ALPACHE, a Player has the right to impose the following on him/her:

14.1.1 an upper limit to the maximum loss within one week or one month;

14.1.2 a ban to participate in a game in a time period from six months up to three years.

14.2. A Player can increase the limit stated in Point, but the increase of the limit shall be enforced no sooner than 48 hours as of a respective request in case the Player reconfirms the request to increase the respective limit logging into the gaming account after 48 hours. Tightening the limit shall be enforced immediately.

14.3. Imposing the limit stated in Point 14.1.2 can only be proceeded at a service location of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and its website www.emta.ee. ALPACHE does not accept a restriction request in a written form electronically, because the electronic measures of imposing a restriction limit are available for the customer on the website: www.emta.ee. A Player cannot recall the notice outlined in Point organizer is prohibited from accepting bets from the Player which are contradictory to the restrictions the Player set upon himself/herself.

15. TERM

The given Contract enters into force at the registration from the moment of providing the acceptance confirmation and shall remain in force without a term, if it is not terminated pursuant to Point 10.7. To prevent any problems, it is agreed that you consent to the terms and conditions of the Contract, if you use GrandX, or the Webpage, or the Software in any way, including but not limited to starting to use the latter, making a deposit via your Player Account, or submitting your payment details to us.


16.1 The laws of the Republic of Estonia apply to the interpretations, validity, and conclusion of the given Contract. However, this does not prevent us from recoursing to courts in other jurisdictions. The version in the Estonian language prevails over the versions of the Contract in foreign languages.

16.2 The illegitimacy, invalidity, or non-enforceability of any part of the given Contract does not impact the legitimacy, validity, or enforcement of the rest of the Contract.

The given Conditions of Use have been approved by Decision No. 1 (18.05.2020) of the management of OÜ Alpache.



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