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Distant gambling under the trademark GrandX via the grandx.com website is offered by Public Limited Company IMG Kasiinod (hereinafter referred to as IMG), a company established pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Estonia, registry code 10264881, location Marta 3, 11312 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia.

IMG is governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia in its operations and it holds all the licenses required for its operations. The Tax and Customs Board of the Republic of Estonia issued IMG with activity license no HKT000025 for organization of games of change and activity license no HKL000202 for organization of games of chance as distance gambling.

1. Object of this Contract

These Terms of Use regulate the agreement between “you” and “us” in the use of GrandX for gambling in the environments of real money or game money.


The words and terms used in this Contract have the following meaning, unless expressly indicated otherwise by the context.

GrandX – website of a gaming system used on the Internet, which is associated with services and gaming activities as offered and listed at www.grandx.com;

Website – www.grandx.com and all websites that can be accessed via links on the Website or in any other manner;

We/Us/Our/Ours/Ourselves – www.grandx.com;

Player Account – one personal account per one player, which is set up by an individual and which we administer so that the person can play games in GrandX;

Software – our Software, including the programme or data file or other content arising therefrom that you had to download from the Website in order to gain access to or use GrandX;

You/Your/Yours/Yourself – the user of the GrandX Software downloaded from the Website;

Username and Password – the Username and the Password chosen by you when you register in GrandX.

3. Legal Requirements

3.1 You can use GrandX and/or the Website if your age complies with the laws of Estonia.

3.2 You may not use GrandX and/or the Website under no circumstances if you are less than 21 years old.

3.3 Our goal is not to offer GrandX and/or the Website in a jurisdiction where it is illegal. Some legal jurisdictions have not addressed the legality of distant gambling and others deem distant gambling to be fully illegal. Accessibility of GrandX and/or the Website does not mean that GrandX may be used in a country where such use is illegal. Use of GrandX is prohibited everywhere where it is prohibited on the basis of relevant laws. You are solely responsible for making sure whether or not use of GrandX is permitted under the laws of the country where you reside.

The players of the following countries are not allowed to play in GRANDX:Austria, United States, American Samoa, Guam, Hong Kong, Northern Mariana Islands, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, the U.S. Virgin Islands, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Vietnam, Israel, Netherlands Antilles, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, North Korea, Iran, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Romania and South Korea.

Use of the Software

4.1 IMG is the holder of the intellectual right of ownership or the authorised user or licensee of the GrandX website and its content, and said right covers all copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, logos, registered design, source codes, specifications, models, graphics or any other rights registered in Estonia, Austria or elsewhere in respect of content, programmes, formats, interfaces, databases, provision of services to other clients, software or other aforementioned application and any changes, improvements and developments made therein. Unless otherwise stipulated in the Terms of Use, GrandX shall not grant you any direct or indirect rights relating to intellectual ownership or the secret information kept on the servers of GrandX.

4.2 Your acceptance of the Contract shall grant you the non-exclusive and non-transferrable right to use the GrandX Software according to the following terms and conditions:

4.3 You shall not be allowed to:

4.3.1 install or download Software on the server of another network device or use any other measures to make the Software available in any other manner by using an online service, distant connection, message board or by sending it to someone else;
4.3.2 forward, lend, lease, transfer or copy (unless expressly stipulated otherwise in these Terms of Use) the permission to use the Software or make or distribute copies of the Software;
4.3.3 translate, reverse translate, decompile, disassemble, change, create derivate works or change the Software in any other manner;
4.3.4 copy or translate the GrandX documents available online or in e-format;
4.3.5 open, change, adapt, reverse-translate, decompile, translate, try to find the source code of the Software or create derivative works, which are based on the Software or any part thereof;
4.3.6 enter, access or try to access or bypass our security system in any other manner or disturb the work of GrandX or the Website in any other manner (including but not limited to robots and other similar equipment) or try to make changes in the Software and/or in any functions or parts thereof.

4.4 GrandX provides a service for your use as it currently is, without any direct or indirect guarantees, obligations, terms and conditions or presentations expressly or allegedly, mandatorily or in any other manner. GrandX shall not guarantee that the Software meets your requirements.

4.5 GrandX does not guarantee that the Software works without faults or interruptions, and correction of any faults, or removal of viruses. GrandX shall not commit to the obligation to cover any expenses, losses, costs or claims of you or a third party, which are caused by faults in the Software's functioning, incl. but not limited to faults in information exchange and account processing. GrandX reserves the right to remove everything relevant, incl. games, from the Software and the Website and implement measures for elimination of faults.

4.6 You download and use the Software at your own responsibility and we shall under no circumstances whatsoever be responsible for any direct, ensuing, accidental or special damage or loss (incl. direct or indirect loss of profit, economic damages, interruption in business operations, loss of information or any direct, indirect, derivable or special losses, including but not limited to expiry of contracts, decrease in goodwill or loss of reputation in association to the use of GrandX’s service or lack of opportunity to use this service also if GrandX has been notified of the possibility that such losses may occur).

4.7 You do not have the right to use or publish the confidential information contained in the Software that has become known to you in the use of the Website in any other manner than strictly in compliance with the terms and conditions of this Contract.

5. Security

5.1 GrandX uses the best available measures for Username and Password encryption and protection of other sensitive information, which is sent from and to the client’s application and from and to our servers, thereby protecting the Player as well as us against manipulation by third parties.

5.2 You shall not hack or try to hack into the system or try to bypass our security system in any other manner. If we have suspicions that you have tried or are trying to hack or bypass our security system or Software in any other manner, we have the right to immediately terminate your access to the Website and/or block your account, and we reserve ourselves the right to inform the relevant authorities thereof.

5.3 We allow access to GrandX only through secure networks using Username and Password encryption. You have to pass secure client login in order to play on the Website.

5.4 You may not use GrandX for any commercial reasons or in the name of another person. You may use the Website only for your own private purpose.

5.5 You must keep your Username and Password confidential and not disclose them to any other person. You may not use the Password of any other person. You are responsible for all transactions concluded with your Player Account and Password. We assume that you are the only person who uses your correct Username and Password and transactions entered with your correct Username and Password are deemed to be valid.

5.6 You shall not permit any third persons to use your Player Account on the Website and you shall not use the Player Account or means of payment of any other person for the use of GrandX, the Website or the Software.

5.7 You are responsible for understanding the rules of GrandX games and transactions before you start playing the games offered on the Website.

6. Privacy Policy

The principles given below describe how GrandX handles the information you give us to allow us to administer the relationship between us and/or which has become known to us during the management of your account and provision of services to you.

6.1 We shall process any personal information associated with you that has been sent to us or become available to us (through the Website, the client information form or in any other manner) in the manner defined below. By sending us your information and using the GrandX Website, you confirm your consent to your personal data being used pursuant to the declaration of personal data protection given below.

6.2 We use your personal data only pursuant to our privacy policy, which is incorporated fully in these Terms of Use. We reserve the right to amend the Terms of Use at any time. However, we reserve the right to request additional information from you and such additional information shall be confidential. We reserve the right to disclose certain details in certain situations to the relevant authorities, state or regulatory agencies in the future if this is prescribed for by law. Pursuant to the provisions of the privacy policy, the purpose of the disclosure of personal data is to investigate money laundering, fraud and other criminal activities as stipulated by law.

6.3 We may use your personal information and other information for the following purposes:

creation and management of your account; making it possible to provide gambling services to you; processing your bets; processing your information requests; handling your complaints; performance of GrandX’s legal obligations; creation of personal profiles; provision of support services to you; informing you of our services or products; informing you of our software and/or service updates.

6.4 We apply all reasonable measures to guarantee the security and protection of your data. We disclose personal information only to our affiliates and subsidiaries and business partners, our legal successors and suppliers that process the relevant information on our behalf. If you apply for opening an account by us, we may use the assistance of third parties, including credit information agencies that register all the queries made about you, to make credit decisions that concern you, check your age and personal identity, and prevent money laundering. We may also submit queries and disclose data about the use of your account to relevant authorities, security organizations and any other appropriate third parties to prevent fraud and money laundering. GrandX shall not sell your user information to anyone now or in the future.

6.5 It is possible that calls to and from our client support helpline are recorded for training and security purposes along with the resolution of any queries relating to the service provided to you.

6.6 GrandX may contact users directly from time to time to obtain additional information relating to the validation of online transactions or payouts of advertising money.

6.7 We may use cookies to collect information from the web server for the above purposes after a client has used our Website.

6.8 As the Internet is a global environment, then using the Internet for collection of personal data unavoidably involves transferring data on the international level. Some data processors who participate in personal data processing may be located outside the European Economic Area. Proceeding from the above, you acknowledge and agree that we process your personal information in such a manner when your browse our Website and communicate with us electronically.

6.9 We reserve the right to carry out additional verification procedures and the identification of the Customer will be checked for any deposit and withdrawal or number of deposits and withdrawals which cumulatively amount to or exceed the equivalent of 2000 euros as well as in case of lower transactions, with a goal to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing. We also have the right to request identification documents for all withdrawals and perform enhanced due diligence in respect to withdrawal of funds not used for wagering.

6.10 We reserve the right to share the information about you that is in our possession and covers personal data and bet history with the regulator, gambling supervision authorities and other authorities, including the police, for investigation suspicions relating to fraud, money laundering or fairness of gambling and performance of our regulative obligations pursuant to the requirements of the regulatory authorities of Estonia.

6.11 We store the data for a certain period of time after your account is closed (generally not longer than seven years) to guarantee compliance with the legal and regulative requirements applicable to IMG and the internal risk management procedure established by IMG. Information is stored pursuant to this declaration of personal data protection.

6.12 IMG does not allow persons under the age of 21 to open accounts for gambling with money. If we find out after registration that a client submitted an incorrect data of birth and is actually younger than 21, we immediately close their account and delete their personal information.

6.13 GrandX reserves the right to amend this declaration of personal data protection at any time. Amendments shall enter into force immediately after their publication.

6.14 Your acceptance of these Terms of Use means that you agree to GrandX and its affiliates storing the client’s personal data, including but not limited to the client’s name, personal identification code and/or date of birth, data of their place of residence and means of payment. You agree that GrandX relies on this data when providing services to the client and you confirm that you do not hold GrandX responsible for the correctness of the data or the false data entered by them. By opening a GrandX account and thereby submitting personal data to GrandX, you grant your consent to GrandX using this data in association with the provision of services. GrandX protects the security of your personal data in accordance with the requirements of the legislation applicable to data protection.

7. Your Obligations

7.1 A client who opens a Player Account in GrandX must agree with and adhere to these Terms of Use. A client is obliged to be aware of the Terms of Use and to follow them at all times. The contract between a client and IMG for use of the services, including the use of bonuses offered by IMG via the Website in accordance with the Terms of Use shall be deemed as entered into after the client's Player Account is opened and the client has thereby agreed with the Terms of Use.

7.2 GrandX does not present or guarantee in a lawful or any other manner that you can access and use GrandX in the country where you reside. You must decide whether or not such access and use of the Website is lawful. We state that our goal is to operate on the basis of law.Your obligation is to guarantee that your activities comply with all laws applicable in the jurisdiction where you use the GrandX service. You may not register yourself in GrandX or try to use the GrandX services if you live in a country where distant gambling is prohibited.

7.3 You may not assign your contractual rights in any manner whatsoever without prior written consent.

7.4 You are fully liable for all taxes, fees and other expenses relating to the use of GrandX orwhich arise from the amounts you win.

7.5 You are obliged to inform us of any changes in your registration details.

7.6 Payments

7.6.1 You agree that we or a payment processing company administer monetary transactions on all accounts on our behalf (Payment Processor). Hereby you agree that the Payment Processor reserves the right to withhold any payments if the Payment Processor has reason to believe or they suspect that you may be or are involved in fraud, conspiracy, unlawful or dishonest activities.

7.6.2 You agree that you pay all the amounts relating to the use of GrandX that you own us or any third party in full and when due. You also agree that you do not reclaim the payment and/or renounce or cancel a payment or leave any due payment unpaid in any other manner, and in each such case you repay the money and pay all unpaid amounts, including the costs we incurred in collecting your payment.

7.7 You agree that your account is personal and the accountholder is the only person with the right to access the account. GrandX shall not be liable if a third party misuses an account. You must keep your Password, Username and other security elements used to log into the account in secret and prevent them from becoming available to other persons. The amount of bets made with correct security elements is debited from your account. You must inform GrandX immediately of any suspicions that your Username and Password or other security elements have fallen into the hand of a third party.

7.8 You agree that you are solely responsible for administration of the computer equipment products, telecommunications networks and Internet access services that you need for use and management of GrandX. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any damages caused by a provider of Internet or any other telecommunications services that are related to access to the Website.

7.9 You agree that our random number generator decides the results of the games played in GrandX and you agree with the results of all such games. You also agree that if there is a rare discrepancy between the Software and the game server, the result on the game server shall prevail, and you confirm and agree that our data is final and determines your participation in respect of the conditions and situations of GrandX's gambling activities.

7.10 You do not perform any activities or behave in a manner that damages our reputation or the reputation of our Software service provider or the provider of any other online services.

7.11 You agree that if your Player Account is open, you pay full damages and do not hold us liable for any and all damages, costs, expenses, claims, responsibility and damage that may relate to you (a) accessing, using or reusing the Website; (b) breaching any terms and provisions of this Contract. Furthermore, you agree to fully compensate, protect and not hold us and our officials, managers, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers liable for each and every claim, responsibility, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal taxes, which arise from any breach of this Contract by you and any other responsibilities associated with the use of GrandX or the Software.

7.12 We reserve the right to amend this Contract from time to time as indicated in clause 9 below. Your obligation is to check for notices on amendments from time to time as specified in clause 11 below.

8. Your representations and Warranties

8.1 You represent and warrant that you act on your own behalf. You are liable for the correctness and validity of the personal data and contact details (name, personal identification code/date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) submitted to GrandX. The owners of the personal identification document issued by the Republic of Estonia shall represent personal ID-code when submitting information to GrandX.

8.2 You represent and warrant that your active and legal capacity are not limited;

8.3 Any data that you give or have given to GrandX when registering is accurate and you continue updating your data in the event of changes.

8.4 You are fully aware that use of the Software for playing in GrandX carries the risk of loss of money;

8.5 You do not deposit amounts associated with criminal and/or prohibited activities;

8.6 You do not perform criminal activities and/or do not intend to use the Player Account in association with such activities. You do not use or intend to use or permit any other person to use or intend to permit any other person to use GrandX and the Player Account for the purposes of prohibited or illegal activities, including but not limited to fraud or money laundering, as stipulated by the relevant laws in your jurisdiction and the laws that are applicable to Us;

8.7 You do not or try not to conspire or intend to participate, either directly or indirectly, in any conspiracy scheme whatsoever with another player when playing any GrandX game.

8.8 You are not less than 21 years old.

8.9 The debit/credit card details submitted by you are details of the accountholder registered at the time of registration and there is no information that the card is lost or stolen;

8.10 You are not an official, employee, consultant or agent of ourselves, our partners or subsidiaries or suppliers and you are also not a relative of any of them (in this clause, the term ‘relative’ means a spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling). You will lose any amount you have won in addition to the other measures applied against you if you breach this prohibition.

8.11 You have not previously held a Player Account that was deactivated or invalidated by Us or by any other distant gambling organiser; you owe no money through the Player Account or have a Player Account now.

8.12 You do not give or submit information that is untrue, false, wrong or misleading when you open a Player Account.

9. Amendments to the Contract

9.1 We may amend the Terms of Use or the gaming rules at any time at our sole discretion. Should such amendments be significant or limiting your current rights, we will notify you prior to their entry into force.

9.2 Amendments shall enter into force on the day they are made. It is therefore important that you log into the Website on a regularly to check for messages on amendments. You are solely responsible for keeping yourself informed of the Terms of Use and the rules of the games and of any amendments to them. Any amendments can be identified by the date of publication.

9.3 If you continue using the Website or GrandX after the updates made by us, you agree to adhere to such amendments regardless of whether you received the actual notice or acquainted yourself with the amendments. You should not continue using the Website of GrandX if you do not agree to adhere to the amendments.

10. Reservation of Rights

10.1 We reserve ourselves the sole discretion to:

10.1.1 refuse to register persons on the Website or in GrandX;

10.1.2 refuse to accept any bets in GrandX;

10.1.3 change, suspend, remove, correct or add any game in GrandX.

10.2 We reserve ourselves the right to make queries about you, including credit security checks by the credit and financial institutions of a third party, using the information submitted by you.

10.3 In the event of disagreements about bets or winnings, our decision shall be final and binding.

10.4 We reserve ourselves the right to not pay out any amount or winnings with good reason until we have fully identified the winner and are convinced that the amount to be won is paid out to the right person. For this purpose, we reserve ourselves the right to demand, at our sole discretion, that you give us a notarised identity certificate or an equivalent certified identity certificate proceeding from the relevant legislation in your jurisdiction.

10.5 We can disclose certain personal data of yours to third parties at any time proceeding from the Privacy Policy, which is given in full in these Terms of Use.

10.6 If You breach any provision of this Agreement or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that You have breached it, we reserve the right not to open, suspend or close your Player Account, or withhold any money in your account (including deposit) and apply such funds on account of any damages due by You.  If we suspect that you are using a deactivated card during a direct game, we reserve the right not to pay out any payout from your account, which exceeds the initial contribution.

10.7 If we suspect that you are engaged in illegal or fraudulent activities via the Website, or in breach of this Agreement, or that you are having problems with creditors or may otherwise have effects on our business, we may block or temporarily close your Player Account or cancel any stakes at any time without prior notice.

10.8 Inactive Accounts

10.8.1 An inactive account is a Player Account that has a real money balance and that has not been logged onto with username and password for 12 consecutive months. GrandX reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of EUR 5.00 per month on an inactive account. We shall use reasonable efforts to contact the owners of the inactive accounts in order to notify them within 30 days prior to any fees being charged to their Player Accounts. Should you reactivate your account, GrandX will refund to your Player Account the administrative fees charged provided less than six months have passed from the moment the administrative fee for a given month was deducted from your Player Account. Once the Player Account balance reaches zero, the administrative fee will no longer be charged.

10.8.2 We reserve the right to withhold and remove any bonuses awarded to you if such bonuses have not been used within 6 month from the date when they were awarded.

10.8.3 If You have not logged in to your account in five years, your Player Account will be automatically closed.

10.8.4 Should the Player Account be closed, we shall honour our contractual obligations.

10.9 In order to recover funds from inactive, closed or blocked accounts, you need to contact customer support with the relevant request.

10.10 We reserve the right to offer and advertise campaigns, bonuses and other special offers at our sole discretion from time to time. Each such offer is limited with the specific provisions and terms valid during the relevant period. In relation to the specific terms of the aforementioned campaigns, bonuses and special offers, we reserve ourselves the right to not pay out any amount that exceeds the initial amount from your account. We also reserve ourselves the right not to pay out or refuse to pay out or reclaim any payout or winnings or to amend any policy if we believe that you are abusing or trying to abuse any of the following: (i) bonuses; (ii) other campaigns; or (iii) specific policies or rules, the purpose of which is to introduce an existing or a new game.

10.11 We reserve ourselves the right to transfer, assign, sub-license or permit this Contract fully or partially to any person without giving notice thereof and you must agree with this.

11. Notices

11.1 You agree to receive information from us in e-format. Electronic information and/or client application messages/help files may be posted on the Website and/or sent by e‑mail. All information in e‑format or on paper is ‘written’ and must be received at least five working days after posting.

11.2 All notices must be sent in writing to the address Marta 3, 11312 Tallinn, Estonia or support@grandx.com.

12. Payment of Winnings and Complaints Handling

12.1 The games offered by GrandX.com can be played for entertainment without real money or for real money. Players can indicate their choice on the game icon by selecting either “Play for Money” or “Play for Free”.

12.2 Games in the “Play for Money” section start with the player placing their bets and ends with the winnings transferred to the player’s credit or the player losing the bet.

12.3 The detailed description of each game opens in *.pdf format in the window of the relevant game icon.

12.4 The description of each game contains information about the terms and procedure of participating in specific games and the probability of winning in percentage terms.

12.5 The cost of a game point is shown in the rules of the game and can be viewed under 'Help' on the game screen.

12.6 The probability of winning is given in the description of the game and in the winnings table that opens under ‘Help'.

12.7 Winnings are paid out to people who are at least 21 years old.

12.8 Winnings are paid out not later than within four calendar days to the same account from which the player made a contribution for playing.

12.9 The maximum payout to the same Player Account is EUR 5000 per day.

12.10 All information about the contributions made by the player, payouts and bonuses with transaction dates, times, amounts and details of the transaction parties can be viewed under ‘Account’ in the menu.

12.11 If a player loses connection in the middle of a game when they are playing for money, they can view their latest score after logging in again in the 'Game History' window under the 'Help' function of the relevant game.

12.12 Faults cancel all payouts and scores.

13. Complaints Handling

13.1 In the event of a complaint, the player may contact the support team via the Live Chat function on the Website.

13.2 Written complaints shall be sent by e-mail at support@grandx.com.

13.3 The deadline for submitting appeals is two weeks.

13.4 The incoming complaints will be resolved as soon as possible but not later than within two weeks.

14. Term

This Contract enters into force from the moment of acceptance by way of giving your confirmation when you register and remains in force for an indefinite period, unless terminated according to clause 10.7. In order to avoid problems, it has been agreed that you agree with the terms and conditions of the Contract if you use GrandX or the Website or the Software in any manner, including but not limited to commencing use or making a payment through your account or submitting payment data to us.

15. Governing Law

15.1 The interpretation, validity and presentation of this Contract are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia. However, this does not prevent us from filing action in other jurisdictions to impose a judicial or similar prohibition. The Estonian version of this Contract shall prevail over other languages in which we have issued the Contract.

15.2 The unlawfulness and invalidity of or possibility to perform this Contract shall not affect the lawfulness and validity of or possibility to perform the rest of the Contract.

(V.2.2, dated March 15th, 2018)

Responsible gaming

The frequent participation in games of change exposes the participants to the risk of addiction and loss of property. Please read the terms and conditions and play responsibly!

Players must have reached the age of 21.

Payment Methods

Online Casino GrandX (AS IMG Kasiinod, Marta 3, Tallinn) is governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia and holds the following licenses required for its operations issued by the Tax and Customs Board of Estonia: HKT000025, HKL000202.

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